Saturday, July 25, 2009

A hummer's hideout

I was walking under the mango tree and suddenly this humming bird flew out from some leaves in front of me, I must have I startled it. I suspected that a nest was nearby, because a few days ago I was picking mangoes and it was around making a loud racket. I went in search of the nest but was unable to locate it. This time I stood in my place and looked around. I lifted a few leaves above a bunch of mangoes and voila! I had finally found the elusive nest. As usual there were two tiny eggs the size of lizards eggs (normal sized lizards). The nest was securely fastened to the tree branch and the intricate workmanship of this tiny bird's nest was a work of art. It consisted of fine threads of coconut fibre, cotton wool and cobwebs. In Barbados we have two species of humming birds, the antillean crested and the emerald throated . This one was the antillean crested and the smaller of the two . The male species of humming birds are the most colourful. This female had muted colour feathers and was quite ordinary looking. The male sports a florescent green crest on his forehead and has a glossy very dark almost black green feathers. I wasn't lucky enough to capture a photo of him. The nest measures about 3cms across and 4cms tall. The eggs will hatch in about two weeks and I will be posting photos .


  1. Wow! A true blessing to have a hummingbird nest in your garden. What a delight it must have been to stumble upon this treasure.

  2. Beautiful picture, which show great patience! I am waiting to see more pictures as the eggs hatch.

  3. That's such a pretty little nest - I'm looking forward to seeing some shots when the eggs hatch!

  4. Great pictures, such tiny eggs. Very lucky indeed.

  5. The nest is truly a work of art, only little humming birds know how to do....

    I am trying to imagine how you snap the last photo... use ladder or climb up the mango tree?.. haha.

    ~ bangchik

  6. I'd say you were very lucky to find that jewel of a nest with those tiny eggs. Quite the find! Great photos and I too look forward to the eggs hatching and more shots!
    I do not lose sight of the fact that you found this in a MANGO TREE! Ah... to pick fresh mangos ... you are very lucky indeed and thanks to your blog all your visitors are too!


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