Thursday, July 23, 2009

nursery visit

miniature anthuriums, they make beautiful live centerpieces

pretty coleus, I have had no luck with these so I stay far away from them

this yellow ixora was not for sale however I plan to get one soon.

Yesterday I stopped briefly at one of my favorite nurseries to see what was new. This was a very brief stop because I had the hubby with me and we had gone to the supermarket just before. So we had food stuff in the car including some of hubby's favorite haagen daz ice cream. He was most concerned that it will be melted by the time we got home so he was on my case to hurry up and leave. That was the shortest trip to the nursery I have ever taken. The next time I will leave him home. I didn't get to see anything! Lovely wet day today so am house bound or I'll go to my favourite hardware store.


  1. Mr. Meems would be happy to stop if there was ice cream in the car... I mean how long can you look around with ice cream melting??? Hopefully you'll be able to scoot back by there BEFORE you get groceries next time. I recognize so many plants there!!! How exciting.

  2. Meems girl I will definitely go there BEFORE I go to the supermarket LOL Hubby didn't figure out that he could have kept cool with the ice cream in the car LOL. When patience was sharing my hubby was the last in line!

  3. Nice nursery! I like to visit nurseries a lot. They give me inspiration to plant better. The plants at nurseries often look so good that I am afraid to bringing them back... more so the expensive ones ;-) Happy Friday and have another fabulous weekend!

  4. Great views despite the brief stop:) That anthurium---I haven't seen in the nurseries here. Lovely!

  5. I liked the bromeliads in the nursery. Coleus grows well in winter here.

  6. Stephanie isn't it amazing how well the plants grow in the nurseries and when we take them home they start acting up?

    Kanak most of these plants in this nursery were imported from Germany or Holland. That anthurium is from Holland. I have some but they are in the wrong place so they are not doing so well.

    Lotusleaf I have a few bromiliads growing in my garden. Those imported ones are very finicky about their habitat. They love shade and my garden does not have many shady spots. I am working on it though.

  7. Great pictures even though you were in a rush. Been a while since Im here. If I wanna go to some some spots that I like, hubby will left behind, but with ice cream in the car, I think he was right to hurry home .DD

  8. visiting nurseries is my favourite pass time too. however, i find nurseries in barbados quite expensive and the service not so good - noticed that they tend to ignore if you are not the right shade :(
    which is your favourite nursery on the island? need to get a list of good ones.

    1. Hey Anita please contact me asap and I will take you around my favorite nurseries. My email is in my profile.


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