Friday, July 10, 2009

My happy birthday

I had the curried shrimp with basmati rice and veggies
coconut crusted shrimp with fries my husband's favorite
These youngsters waiting for the big one that never came
the view from the restaurant

Yesterday I celebrated my 53rd year of living. My husband and I had lunch at Champers, one of my favorite restaurants on the south coast of Barbados. It was a cloudy day and we've had some rain earlier in the morning to my delight. The location is one of the best on the south coast. The food was good and very consistent. In Barbados eating out is expensive and hit and miss. The prices were reasonable and the service was excellent. Now good service in Barbados is a rarity to bajans (bay-jans) like me. The visitors say they get good service but when it comes to one of their own, bajans seem to think they should not demand nor give the same service. My motto has always been, I am a firm believer in excellent customer service, I give it and expect to receive it. Cheers to Champers!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday! Many Wondrous Returns! Your dinner looks delicious... with a great view.

  2. Blessed birthday to you! Btw, beautiful beach and that's my kind of food... yummy ;-)

  3. Thank you Lotusleaf for your birthday greetings. Nice of you to stop by and leave a note.

    Thank you Carol it was delicious and I never get tired of that great view.

    Stephanie glad that you like the beach and my type of food too. Perhaps you can share some of your recipes with me.

  4. Happy birthday
    A friend told me that Champers was wonderful-I hope to try it on your next visit.
    Yes, when we were students at Cave Hill we were all struck at the bad service we were given at some restaurants, yet the staff fawned over the tourists.

  5. Thank you Nicole, Champers is a great place to have a meal. Another fabulous place is the Tides on the west coast. I am tired with the way locals treat locals with no RESPECT! Do you get to Barbados often?

  6. Hey Helen, Happy Birthday!!

    Sorry I'm late but I read the post on Friday then was off to a marathon meeting.............

    I can tell you enjoyed your meal and your day, the restaurant and surroundings are lovely!

  7. Raquel thank you, I enjoyed the meal ans wish I had an in house chef to cook for me now. Now that will be when pigs fly LOL.

  8. OMG, till late last night your new posts did not show up on my bloglist!! Belated birthday wishes Helen! Sounds like you had a lovely day. And the food looked delicious!!! Beautiful photos!

  9. Thank you Kanak, the food was delicious and has me wanting more LOL.

  10. Hi Helen,

    Your garden is beautiful. Although I am not a gardener like you and Mees, I am learing so much by visiting your blog. My best to your lovely mom and daughter.

    Marie in Tampa

  11. Marie thank you and I will pass it on to my mom ans Lauren. Hope all is well with you too.

  12. Helen,
    I'm so sorry I missed this account of your birthday dinner. It looks fabulous and the outdoor dining is my all-time favorite.

    A very happy belated birthday!!!I DO hope you had a wonderful one... you deserve it.
    Hugs, Meems

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  14. Thank you Meemswe will place this on the list when you and Marie come to visit LOL.


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