Monday, September 20, 2010

A countryside jaunt

Last week with my two good friends Virginia and Dawn in tow, we decided to take a quick trip into the countryside to the eastern parishes of St. Andrew , St. Joseph and St. John.
We were on a mission looking for some thunbergia grandilflora  both white and blue. I had seen some growing in the wild in Chalky Mount  St. Andrew when I had hiked there a few weeks ago.
The views were spectacular.

An Anthurium farm and health spa nestled into the hillside in the distance.
We also came across this plant I believe it is a clerodendron growing in the wild.

This magnificent display  by the allamanda cherry jubilee, yellow allamanda and purple ruellia.
A cute holiday home  in St. John with a view to die for.

We stopped to check out this quisqualis or rangoon creeper that had run amok.

It is a beautiful vine  BUT I would have to contain it.
Or else I will be having  huge problems.
An older style house reflecting our Colonial past
Yes, may I ask why are you staring and pointing that thing at me? Go ahead then, point and shoot fool! Are you happy now? Then be on your way and do not tarry! Maaaaa.

To be continued............


  1. What a great little tour of beautiful views of flora and fauna.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. So you found so many garden flowers growing wild. Your hike must have been great fun! The views are stupendous! Have a nice day!

  3. I am so happy you posted the photo with the comment "We also came across this plant I believe it is a clerondendron growing in the wild. "

    I was on Tour last week and saw it. We stoped and took pictures as well but I did not know what it was

  4. I would love to have a rangoon creeper running amock in my garden, very pretty. The flowers almost remind me of nicotiana flowering tobacco.

  5. Thanks for these great photos! They bring back all memories of us touring Barbados to do our photography work.
    Makes me remember how different Barbados is from many other island around, and how nice it looks, indeed.
    I think we went the same country road, when we were going north, then we made a loop coming through the "Scotland" district - we loved it!
    By the way - cargo with our new book Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean is being shipped right now. Soon, you will have your copy in hand! wee hope it will exceed your expectations.

  6. Thank you all for your comments. Please keep visiting, there is more in store for you.

  7. Your countryside is stunningly beautiful! Wow, I can't imagine thunbergia varieties growing in the wild. That clerodendron seed heads remind me of the edible variety that grows here. All the views are spectacular!


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