Sunday, September 12, 2010

when the rains came

After a night of rain this was the scene I discovered next morning. Even li'l Bear was wondering what had happened to his stomping ground

The next morning all that was left were muddy traces on the grass where the water once covered.


  1. Hey Helen! The rain seems to have come in torrents.After days of rain, today we saw the sun.

  2. That was a lot of rain, and the reflections were nice. I'm sure it did your gardens good.


  3. Ground saturation!!! Those are incredible pics. Thank goodness the plants can tolerate the flooding:)

  4. I hope the flood doesn't give you problems. There must be a heavy downpour for this to happen. Take care.

  5. Wow, quite interesting look. I did not realize than when we visited you, we were so lucky to photograph everything as it was - very lush, but without such unusual floods... (and when we visited Barbados last time in April - all was miserably dry!

    Happy to let you know that our book Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean featuring your lovely place among others is at last available and will be in stores in just a week or so.

    It took a while, but we were releasing our Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean first. We hope you will like this book, you can see your chapter using Amazon's look inside option.

  6. WHy Helen, you got yourself a new lily pond! ;D
    But that really must've been a lot of rain! I hate it when the grass gets all squelchy and mucky like that.

  7. WOW those pictures remind me of how our Orchird would flood :o)

    Thanks for posting :o)

  8. I think I like your reflection pool best. I love how transient water is, it changes everything so much in a short time and then goes away.

  9. Oh, would that I could have even a fraction of all that water for my poor parched beds!

    I'm glad it didn't do any damage and that the 'pond' left quickly for you.

  10. Lotus leaf....there has been a lull but it has been sooo hot and still. Must be all those hurricanes churning out in the Atlantic.

    Flowelady.......the gardens are just loving the heavy rains we've been having. but the sun comes back hotter than ever.

    rohrebot.......welcome to my blog. Thank you and the palms just love that deep soaking. problems so fa, the water drains very quickly. soon as I receive a copy of your book I WILL do a review on it. it was water water everywhere. I just wish I can capture the water. I tried digging the pond deeper but hubby made me fill it in. :-( Cost me a lot of my pocket money. LOL

    Glory tours......Thanks fr listing me on your blog roll. You should drop by sometime.

    Lisa.....thanks and welcome to my blog. Isn't it amazing how water can transform an area?

    Kris....I am sorry that you all are going through a drought. The weather pattern is very fickle these days.


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