Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Garden bloggers bloom day Sept 2010

 A dendrobium orchid doing its thing,  I have placed it on this old tamarind tree to grow.

A Star is born! A  macro shot of  inside the flower below, alamanda cherry jubilee

This faithful vanda never fails to please.

Bauhinia Alba, the white orchid tree.

This clerondendron  was recently planted here and it has taken like a duck to water and there is Rusty always in the picture.

White mussaenda just profuse with blooms!

Thought I would include this early morning shot  with the early  sun's rays filtering through the trees.

Hello  friends, and welcome to Garden bloggers bloom day  where gardeners from all around the world show what is blooming in their gardens today. After very heavy showers last week, some areas of the garden was under water for 36 hours. Luckily the palms and plants don't seem to be too bothered by the deluge. There is a wonderful  feeling of  rebirth after the rains with many shrubs in bloom adding  a splash of colour  to the palette. To see more gardens in bloom please take a short skip over to Carol at may dreams gardens
Have a wonderful day !


  1. Hi, Helen! There's so much to love in your garden!!! The orchids, allamanda, mussaenda...gorgeaous! Love your morning sun rays, too. Happy GBBD!!!

  2. Very cool to see plants I would never get to see unless they are in an arboretum.So glad folks the world over participate in GBBD.

  3. Hi Helen! Your estate is looking fabulous. The orchids are very beautiful. I love the white bauhinia- it is quite rare here. The clerodendrum looks like the pagoda flower, but the flowers are different.I liked all the blooms in your garden.

  4. aloha helen

    i'm enjoying touring your garden with you today, i'm really enjoying my visit. the orchids in the trees are very sweet, we do that alot also in hawaii since we get alot of rain, thanks for showing others how they grow in the natural habitat :)

  5. So many flowers I've never encountered before. Beautiful!

  6. The flowers are lovely and I really like the shots of the deep angle of morning sun illuminating your grounds. Everything is so lush and green.

  7. Looking good! I really love that Bauhinia...such a clear, pure white.
    I wish I could grow orchids on our trees, but it gets too cold here in Houston. I'm trying some of my toughest bromeliads up in the trees next season.
    Glad to see the water has gone away. You had quite a rain!
    David/ Tropical Texana

  8. Your garden is so beautiful!!! Lots of time since I was here in your great garden. Thank you so much for your visit to our Bi 100 celebrations here in Chile
    maria cecilia

  9. Kimberly.....thank you for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed your time here. to my blog. It is sooo nice to see new faces here. You should try coming out this side of the world to see these plants in their true environment. Your blog is cool, love the fall colours.

    Lotusleaf...... thank you only if it will remain like this all year round. It is strange that the bauhinia alaba is rare in your side of the world. If you need some seeds I will gladly send you some. They grow very quickly.

    Costas.... nice to see you here again.

    Noel.....Aloha ......thanks for stopping by and I am very happy that you enjoyed my garden today. I have been enjoying your blog too.

    Linda.....welcome and than you for stopping by. You also have many flowers that I have never encountered too and many I would love to grow.

    Kris.....I love the early morning when the sun is rising. It is a special time of day for me.

    Hey David....yes that was some rain we've had. Every thing grow like mad during this season. I am now in the process of planting more orchids in the old tree I'll soon have an "orchid tree". Hope that you are successful with the bromeliads.

    Maria cecilia.....bienvenido! Yes I was happy to visit your blog. imagine your beautiful country is 200 years old. Awesome!

  10. Helen, your orchids are beautiful! So are all the other blooms. And it's always such a pleasure to see the views of your lovely garden. I agree with Lotus leaf that white bauhinias are not common here. Your morning shots are fabulous!


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