Monday, September 27, 2010

Countryside jaunt.......Hunte's Gardens part 1

Anthuriums growing effortlessly amongst ferns.
 The tinkling sound of falling water led me to this beautiful fountain.
Flowering  ornamental bananas illuminating the green foliage.

  My other two partners in crime Dawn and Virginia giving me the royal wave.

We continued into  to the beautiful parish of St. Joseph,  where we stopped to visit Anthony Hunte's tropical paradise. For anyone touring the island this place is a must. For you all Bajans,  there is no excuse whatsoever not to visit. Anthony a local horticulturist, garden designer and a pioneer nurseryman, created this awesome garden on his property. Its gully location was perfect for this garden. He had spent many years preparing and designing this masterpiece. 

The garden consists of  a myriad of nooks and crannies at the upper level with a stairway leading to the gully at the bottom; all carefully designed to feel as natural as possible.

Whimsical figures, fairy houses and ornaments all carefully placed, lured me into a world of fantasy. I am sure that if you look closely in the undergrowth, you would see fairies and elves going about their daily chores. 

To be continued..........


  1. What a wonderful place to visit! So lush and beautiful! The garden whimsies make it all the more interesting. The bromeliads are stunning....thanks for posting these delightful pictures, Helen.

  2. Oh I love this place! Its got all my favourites : orchids, anthuriums, just about everything ... all growing with such tropical abandon!
    I envy you for being able to indulge yourself with so much botanical luxury, Helen!

  3. That is a spectacular garden. As you said it has been carefully designed and nurtured but gives the impression of an untouched Eden. So beautiful.

  4. Love all the tropical plants in this garden. All looking so green and nice. I wish I could be there and be surrounded with those gorgeous plants. You must have had an enjoyable time there. Have another great day!

  5. What a beautiful garden! I wish I could visit it. The tropical plants are planted cleverly to show them to best advantage, at the same time it has a natural look.

  6. Its such a beautiful garden. And what an exotic banana plant. Did I see red flowers or are they red banana fruits?

  7. Wow! As a Tropical Gardener I'm just amazed at your pictures. Thanks for making my day! :-)
    Great Post.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  8. I am going to go back...very slowly...and look at all of those images again! Then get off my butt and do some weeding!

  9. Hello dear friend,
    Wow. So very much what I picture your beautiful island to look like. That gardener has painstakingly created a paradise! I would have loved to be along on that tour with you and your friends. As beautiful as the photos are I know how stunning it must have been to wander through every inch of this place. Thanks for taking us along this way since we can't be there.

    (What I DO love and appreciate is that I can hear your voice as I read what you write.)
    ***Hugs to you***

  10. Kanak.........This place is a heaven on earth. Glad that you enjoyed it and there is more to come!

    Sunita.........Yes this is your kinda place! I love the way you have described it as a "Botanical Luxury"

    Missy.......I don't think I did this garden justice with my photos. If ever you get to this side of the world please visit.

    Stephanie........I wish my garden looked like this one, oh well we can dream ok? To be surrounded by this "botanical luxury" is unfathomable.

    Lotusleaf.......I know that this is your kinda place too! You would want to stay there all day!

    Autumn Belle.......those are the bananas beautiful red flowers. I have never seen the fruit.

    David.........I am happy that I made your day! I am amazed myself with the plantings in this garden of Eden.

    Linda........To hell with the weeding, do that tomorrow LOL. Just enjoy!

    Meems.......You can still visit, you are not that far away. I think I would have had to pull you away if you were with us. LOL

    Thank you all for your comments. I will be posting part 2 soon so please come back.

    Sunday, October 03, 2010

  11. Hi Helen, I have invited you for "The 10 Things I Love To Do" Game. Do visit My Sunny Happy Garden blog to proceed on this game. Enjoy!


    YOUR Anthuriums are breathtaking beautiful...As well as your garden.


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