Friday, February 25, 2011

Blimey it's Blooming Friday

This is an area at the furthest end of the garden in the shadows of a huge banyan tree, (the bearded fig tree)  where I have planted several gingers lilies, clerodendron bleeding heart, Antigua heath (Russelia equisetiformis)and showers of gold (galphimia glauca).
They are all thriving with very little care. 
There are some bald spots where some plants had died  and  will be replaced in due time. The terrain is very rocky and I am surprised that the plants are doing so well.
Hello friends and welcome to blooming Friday. The theme today is verdure, an old  French word meaning the lush greenness of flourishing vegetation. It is derived from the French word verd meaning green. To see more of Blooming Friday why not stroll over to Katarina at Roses and stuff to see more greenery  from around the world.  

As you can see from the above photos, the lush greenness that surrounds me even though we are supposed to be in our dry season. I am thankful for the showers we have been getting saving me water. We started this morning off with another shower of rain and hopefully that will continue .

Have a  verdant weekend my friends!


  1. All that greenery is there in my garden only by July or August, that is after the advent of rainy season. You place is lush with green.

  2. How wonderful that sounds...thriving with very little care! Your garden looks so lush and of course, beautiful!I clicked on the pictures and I must say that your ginger lilies are gorgeous!!

  3. Your garden looks very green and bare patches mean you can find something new to plant - a gardener always likes an empty space!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Hi Helen it's good you still have showers, we are now entering our dry season again, hot and humid. Thanks for mentioning Roses and Stuff as i have posted greens today, so might as well link there.

  5. By the look of your garden, I'm sure you have a green thumb!

  6. Hello Helen!
    This is derek from Ozone Zone books.

    Just want to say that another blog posting travel related articles did a feature on our book Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean - the book you reviewed recently. And - the first image there shows... You, attending to your lily pond!
    Have a look, and perhaps your visitors also want to see that shot!

    Best regards to all,

  7. Hi Helen, with this changing climate we are having some rains also even during our dry season. But of course we welcome that, as water is difficult in our part in the province. At least i hope not most plants will die this year. But those plants do not withstand our dry season, especially because we dont water ours. Even those on the shades die.

  8. Helen, I saw you by the water lily pond. Cheers and congrats! I like your grounded garden too and I'd love to sit and relax under the shade of your banyan tree.

  9. I love your ginger lillies and your banyan tree. I wish I could grow them here in Houston.
    David/ :-)

  10. GREEN with envy!
    LOVED your garden

    it's a joy to see from the wintry cold up here in New York!

  11. I hope Kate and William sent you the invitation.


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