Saturday, April 2, 2011

Catching up

Golden chalice (solandra grandiflora) sharing a spot with the yellow mandevilla now called  vine allamanda.
A plumeria seed pod waiting for wind dispersal
Shaving brush (bombax ellipictum) tree flower bud
Shaving brush tree flower

Hello friends, I decided to take a little break and I am back. I fell ill with a very bad sore throat and then a second bout of gastro.  I was puking from both ends.  I felt really bad because my daughter was at work and my hubby was in Miami. I had looked like something the cat had dug up.   I also had some computer problems, my old faithful finally died on me and I had to resurrect my daughter's. I had used it for a week then it died on me. I diagnosed that it was the fan that had stopped working and had to put in a new one. It then worked for a while then it died on me AGAIN. I figured it was the power supply so I took the old one from my dead computer and installed it. Now my  computer is working fine zipping along nicely. (And I did all of this by myself).  
Lotus leaf begonia (begonia nelumbifolia) in bloom

The dry season is now here and it has not been too bad. We have been getting some rain  so the garden is still looking good. Take care and I will post again soon. Have a great weekend!


  1. oh gosh sorry to hear about your illness and other problems, but at least your garden is lovely

  2. What a fantastic pics and your blog is great i really like it..
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  3. Congratulations on repairing your computer by yourself! Hope you have recovered from your illness completely. Take care!

  4. Welcome back Helen, you've been away for long! haha. Am sorry to know what happened, somehow i relate to you as i also had mouth sore for 2 wks which i just let without meds. My tummy was not good also for the last 3 days, but good now. At least i didn't have your symptoms, much milder. Our dry season is also here, they say we will have wet dry season, but the rain hasn't been coming, although it is always cloudy. Your plants are looking good though. You know what, i haven't seen a Plumeria pod in this country, i wonder why!

  5. r u a botanist....i mean how u know so much about the plans scientific the way u r a good photographar.....i like it


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