Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My blog problems

I discovered that many of my photos have gone missing on this blog and I am trying to find out why. I discovered another blog not owned by me with all my photos. Someone has hacked my blog. I am trying to re upload the photos and been having some problems with that as well. The formatting has gone awry as you will notice  large gaps where the missing  photos were. This is very strange. I have contacted blogger about the stolen photos and I am waiting to hear from them. This is the second time I have found my photos being used without my permission. I believe it is the same person. He had his blog shut down by blogger a last year but has popped up elsewhere on the internet. It seems that nothing is sacred any more. I will be trying to repair the missing photos and that will take some. I apologize for any disjointed posts you may find.


  1. So sorry to read this, Helen. I hope you can get your photos back at the earliest. It's scary to think that even one's own blog is (mis)used by other people!

  2. Despite all the blog problems, you've still got Sandy the knight in shining armour to be there for you.

  3. Sandy and the mango is such an adorable photo.

  4. I am guessing this may be the same person who was leaving mean comments on yours and other people's blogs last year. Don't people have anything better to do in their lives, geezsh. So sorry to hear the trouble you're having. Hopefully it will be resolved quickly. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Best wishes,

  5. *again*- so sorry this is happening; I really enjoy your blogs, & it's good to see that, in spite of it all, you are surrounded by friends who care & understand. I hope this resolves soon...hang in there :)


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