Thursday, August 15, 2013

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day August 2013

 After several weeks of drought we finally had some rain. I had made plans to put a liner in an area where there was a mud pond. I had hired the bobcat to come excavate it and was just waiting on my garden helpers to assist me in laying the liner. But  the rains came before I could put my plans into place. I even had to move the liner to higher ground when the water level started rising.
 My bearsie bear looking at the great sea of water that appeared almost overnight.
 The old pond where I planned to put the liner in.

Looks quite beautiful and luckily the palms can weather the storm.
 After the rains out came the blooms.
Yellow zephranthes aka rain lilies

Pink rain lilies
Hello and welcome to Garden Blogger's Bloom Day where gardeners from around the world show what is blooming in their gardens. The weather is extremely hot and humid and not enough rain for the season as yet. I do hope we get more showers.  To see more of what is  blooming please skip over to Carol at May dreams gardens. Have a great week.


  1. It's good you finally got some rain and wow...lots of it. The Yellow zephranthes (rain flowers) are beautiful and the picture with the Palm trees is amazing! Good luck with your project once the rains stop and a Happy GBBD!

  2. Those Rain Lillies are beautiful! xx

  3. Wow, you weren't kidding at all about the pond that the rain created.
    Hope it dries out soon so you can get the pond liner in place.

  4. Yellow rain lilies are bright and beautiful and the pink are so cute!
    Happy GBBD!
    Lea's Menagerie

  5. Hi Helen, long time no hear from you! I miss our jokes, and i love your rain lilies. Why will you line the lower ground for? I guess so you can make a reservoir for water, but will that not harbor mosquitoes?

  6. Wow, that is some rain you had!! But it was very cool to see those rain lilies come out later.

  7. Happy GBBD! We had the same problem...rain all around but none here and now it's been raining for days but I can't wait to see the blooms..unfortunately the grass grows in tandem.


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