Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mangomania has ended

Mango season has come to an end and what a season it had been! This was the largest crop I have ever had. 
My mangoes were well known and was sold out at the market.
I was even the proud mother of a twin!

Today I am officially announcing the end of my mango season. My freezer is filled with bags and bags of mangoes. Today I will be making mango Jam and a mango tart. Will post  the results later.


  1. Beautiful photos of your mango "crop"! Mango jam..? sounds delightful!



  2. And a good mangomania it was this year.
    Your mango tart sounds delish. I downloaded a mango flan recipe the other day to try out over the weekend hopefully.

  3. Oh my goodness Helen they look so delicious! You lucky duck you! For some reason we didn't have a great season here in Pompano. It wasn't just one or two trees, it was all of the trees in our area. Very weird to see very little mango's on the trees during season. And no mango festival, what, boooo! lol. Enjoy your bountiful crop and your weekend my dear! :)

    Best Wishes,

  4. Mangomania is correct. Thankgoodness it is not year round because I would certainly be overweight from mango consumption! It is my favourite time of the year.

    What variety of mango is in your photos?

  5. Ivy...the jam has been made and it is delicious.

    Virginia....let me know how the flan comes out and I can let you have some frozen mango if you need some.

    Sheri....Thank you and I am relieved that the season is over. Sorry to hear about your sparse season.

    Shanna.....These are Irwin Mangoes. They are the most colourful mangos I have grown and you should smell the perfume.

  6. That bowl of beautiful mangoes would cost about twelve bucks here in East Texas. Yours are gorgeous and I bet
    they taste better than what we get.
    Enjoy you bounty!!
    jane price


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