Saturday, August 31, 2013

Homestead update

 The rains have been frequent as you can see the palms have been swamped.  The MacArthur palm doesn't seem mind at all.  Luckily the water recedes within a day or two it will be back to normal unless there is more heavy rain.

 One little puppy doesn't mind getting wet at all and doesn't
need any excuse to go for a swim. I believe he is part if not full Labrador. 
 The front patio is nearly completed, the lattice work is up and waiting to be prepared for painting. It will be painted in light green like the sunburst.

 I was really tired of this eyesore and had been itching to replace it.
I told Remington my carpenter what I wanted and showed him a few photos. He went to work on it and this is the results. The wood used is treated Honduras pine, it is a denser and stronger pine than the North American yellow pine.
 I applied Thompson water sealer for outdoor wood to prevent water damage and going grey. I  like the natural wood look and will have to continue to keep it oiled.
 I love my new gate! Thank you Remington! If you need a very good carpenter I can recommend Remington just drop me a line!
 On the other side of the homestead the garlic vine (mansoa alliacea) is making a spectacular entrance.
August has come to an end, the garden is now lush from the recent rains, slugs and snails are having a feast. My daily and nightly patrols have taken on a more urgent air. I am using salt to eradicate them. Some people say beer will help but I am not sure. Some have told me to use white lime and I will try it again. I am not sure how effective it is in this rainy season. Any non chemical method you use please share. 
It is also time to start pruning the poinsettias, the snow on the mountain and mussaendas if they need it. Now is the time to weed the garden beds, with all the moist soil weeds are easier to pull in our clay soils.  
Golden apples (spondias cythera) aka pommecythere, june plum are still small and are great for making juice. 
To all who are reading and following this blog have a great weekend!


  1. I almost didn't recognise the new patio area...fantabulous. It will certainly help to keep the dogs in a safe area.
    Love your new gate. Send Remington my way!!

  2. Your trellis patio is so charming and welcoming. I love your new wooden gate with the Z cross boards. The wood grains are displayed beautifully.

    My own garlic vine hasn't bloom for a while so I'm feasting my eyes on yours - lovely!


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