Friday, June 19, 2009

Bloomin' Friday


double pink oleander
single pink oleander
yellow flamboyant (delonix regia) I grew this from seed and this is the first time flowering. There will not be many blooms for the first but many more will come in the next few years.
red flamboyant (delonix regia) just starting to bloom
variegated crinum lily
pink crinum lily
pink orchid tree (bauhinia)
nelumbo lotus changeable
cherry jubilee alamanda

It is very hot and it is the beginning of the hurricane season. My garden needs some rain and I hope that it comes soon. This is the time many plants and trees begin to explode with colour. The flamboyant is just beginning to bloom and in another month it will be covered with flowers. As I am writing this post I am hearing rain, whopppeeee my plants will be very happy. Hope it lasts for a few hours or the day. My mind is calm, now that I know my plants are being watered by the gods. Yippeee horraay for the rain! Meems I will now get to work on your rain. LOL


  1. Lovely! I especially like the pink Orchid Tree blooms. We really need to get some rain here as well. Unfortunately the only thing that I am getting is white fly on nearly all of my lovely plants.

  2. All of your flowers are just stunning. The crinums are great. I am with you on the rain...we need some. I pray that none of us gets any hurricanes this year!

  3. Beautiful blooms! I love them all!! I am off to my MIL's sister today, she is 91years old and an avid gardner cook and seamstress!! She still does all those things, amazing huh?

    Hopefully I'll grab a few plants, and take lots of pics, I took part in fertilizer Friday today, come see my little plants!

  4. Came back to mention your nelumbo lotus looks unreal in it's beauty, is it found in your pond?

  5. Vix sorry to hear about your white fly problem, try treating it with some soapy water. Use ivory or insecticidal soap.

    Dirt Princess yes we are all hoping that there are no dangerous hurricanes this year, just hoping for some tropical waves that will bring some rain.

    Raquel your MIL sister is going strong give my congrats to her. Girl I am having some computer probs and my computer seem like it is constipated LOL. The pages are taking a very long time to load but am making my way over to visit you. The lotus is growing in a large tub in front my shade house.

    Folks thanks for dropping by.

  6. I enjoy your pictures a lot! Such beautiful and exotic flowers! I wish you a floral day too!

  7. That yellow flamboyant is buetiful-I want one! I also love the red flamboyant and the purple orchid tree-I have those, grown from seed but not yet bloomed.

  8. LOOOOVE the nelumbo lotus. Your garden is gorgeous! I did not know there is a yellow flamboyant but, now I'm wondering if that's what I'm seeing on my walks. Tall beautiful trees with these lovely yellow flowers. Will have to check it out.

  9. You live in paradise! Wonderful flowers you share today on your blog. The hammock header is AMAZING!!!! How do you get anything done with such a peaceful place to rest!?!!!
    Happy Gardening - can't wait to stop by again soon.

  10. Lovely flowers, beautifully captured in photographs.

    ~ bangchik

  11. Helen, simply LOVE your photos! I'm learning the names by visiting you. To think you grew that tree from's beautiful. I can imagine how stunning it's going to look when in full bloom. Pretty lilies and the blooms of the Bauhinia-oh, I think they're lovely! Same goes for the oleanders and the allamanda. Great Bloomin' Friday post.

  12. Katerina thank you for visiting and am happy that you enjoyed the photos.

    Nicole nice to see you here, you know the flamboyants are fast growing and will bloom in the third year. The pink orchid tree is a lot smaller than the purple one and I tend to prefer the pink for that reason.

    Cottagesweet thank you and I would love to walk where you walk on mornings. Actually my cousin lives not far from where you are. I miss Grenada.

    Bren, I hardly get the time to really relax in that hammock. Whenever I get into it, the phone rings, or someone comes to the house, or my dog lil bear comes and starts poking his nose and trying to get in. Or I see something that I forgot to do LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

    Nice to see you here again Bangchik. I have added you to my blog list so I can visit more often.

    Kanak I am just happy to share what knowledge I have with others. I was amazed how quickly the flamboyant grows. I have a few more in pots to plant somewhere in the garden. The oleanders are very low maintenance, just an occasional pruning when they get in my way when mowing the grass.

  13. Oh Helen,
    Such wonderful color and blooms. I hope you did get that rain and you did a good job sending some my way. It actually rained pretty good last night. This is the time of year when we are supposed to get thunderstorms every evening but for some reason that cycle hasn't started yet. This week... hopefully.

    I've never seen a variegated crinum... I like it. Wouldn't it look great next to the deep purple ones! You have so much space there I would have a hard time keeping up. But you do a great job. Is the flamboyant the same thing as Royal Poinciana? It is magnificent.

    The island must be bursting at the seams with flora and fauna this time of year. So beautiful.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  14. hey Meems glad that some rain came your way, am still waiting for the deluge so far it has only sprinkled. The variegated crinum is beautiful, got my first plant from guess who? Miss Rose of course! The flamboyant is the Royal Poinciana and driving around the island is very beautiful at the moment. Meems it is hard to keep up and propagate plants at the same time. That is why I have a helper on weekends sometimes two. Nowadays I just prune and cut the grass, and pull a few weeds.


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