Wednesday, June 10, 2009

yellow yellow you kiss a fellow

dwarf alamanda

dancing ladies orchids dancing away from this perch

showers of gold , thryallis, (galphimia glauca)

yellow mandevilla

oxalis spiralis

My coreopsis sometimes quite moody, has decided to put on a pretty good show this year. This is an old time favorite for me and is seldom seen and used by local landscapers. They make a lovely tight green border when not in bloom.
Yellow flowers are having a grand showing this month in the garden including this day lily in the day lily bed that has flowered every year for the past 5 years.


  1. Helen,
    You DO have a day lily blooming! Do you know which cultivar your coreopsis is? The flowers look so much larger than the two varieties I've got growing this year. Very pretty border.

    I almost bought some thryallis today and managed to keep myself from it mostly because I didn't really have any place to put it. But ever since I saw some growing at the beach last week I am doing my best to figure out a way to make it fit somewhere. And your yellow Allamanda is really putting on a show.

    Are those yellow orchids at your house? They are amazing trailing like that.

  2. Meems that is the only day lily that flowers, the others just do nothing but grow green leaves. I have started fertilizing them to see what they might do. I believe the coreopsis cultivar is coreopsis lanceolata. The yellow orchids are at the back side of my garden where my compost heap and first shade house is located. It has been run over with the wheel barrow, stepped on and brushed aside but it still manages to look great.I am planning on moving them but haven't gotten around to doing so as yet.

  3. Hey Helen, guess what day it is today? Corpus Christi, you know that's a planting day here in Trini, is it the same in good ol' Bajan country?

    Now all the fancy names you and Meems are giving these flowers make my head spin! lol

    The first pic is 'buttercup' and that's all I know! lol!!

    All your yellows are beautiful esp the dancing ladies orchids!

    Last year I planted a small Kitchen garden on this day and it went great, this year hubby was too busy to prepare the beds for me, ah well, maybe this weekend, I did plant an orange and portugal tree though.

  4. Raquel, it has been a very very long time since I have celebrated Corpus Christi(did it when I was at school in Trinidad in the sixties). Barbados has nothing like that, I think that is a catholic thing. I have labeled the photos to make it easier for you to id the plants. I am hoping to replant a portugal (mandarin) tree since the first one died many years ago.

  5. Hi Helen,

    Remember me? Meems' friend in Tampa. It was a delight meeting you , your mom, and daughter. I visit your site often. Your garden is beautiful and I hope to visit you in Barbados some day.


  6. Of course I remember you Marie, I do hope that we can meet again this time in Barbados for another delightful visit and meal.

    hugs to you

  7. Helen, how beautiful all those blooms are! I have the golden shower too but I didn't know what it was called. I'm so glad I know now. Thanks. But your dancing ladies left me gasping! They're simply wow!!!

  8. Kanak the dancing ladies are a real show off and the photo does it no justice. It is difficult to capture all the sprays together cause they are dancing all the time in the wind. The thryallis or golden showers is a delightful plant with a pleasant perfume.....not overly strong. They need to be cut back often to stop them from becoming too leggy.


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