Saturday, June 27, 2009

My cluttered shade house

I have been trying to upload this video for the past two days and finally it has been uploaded. This is what my shade house looks like. Many of the plants are propagated for landscaping and for my plant sales. I wasn't able to upload the audio but hopefully I will be able to do so the next time.


  1. Oh. MY. Gracious!
    This is going to be more like an e-mail than a comment so I'm giving you fair warning.

    First of all now I have a better idea than ever of your property. How big is that canopy? You have a full blown nursery going! No wonder you have so much watering and two helpers on the weekend, woman! I had no idea. BTW, I'd change my title to "My Own Tropical Forest". It is really a sight for those of us who love to see all that tropical foliage ... the title just doesn't do the beauty justice. (Hope you don't mind my bold suggestion... you know I love you.)

    Okay... I SO wish I could have heard the audio... since I didn't ...I'm just going to have to ask questions.
    ~~What was the first pink flowering bush you were probably trying to explain as you lingered on it in the beginning?
    ~~Were all those plants in pots? I think that's what I was seeing but, my goodness, that's a lot of pots to keep up with.
    ~~Were the large rounded leaves those of the lotus begonia? I have one of those given to me from Susan at Simply Susan's Place ... I can't wait for it to get large enough to divide.
    ~~ What was the red spikey flower at about 3:45 into the video?
    ~~ and the purple flowers toward the end of the video?

    Oh, what a display of so many varieties and shapes and colors of foliage (you know how I LOVE foliage). Elephant ears and ferns hanging and variegated leaves... you are making me wish for more tropical plants this morning. It is truly an island paradise and much coveted at the moment.

    I'm so glad you made this video and shared it with us Helen. What a treat to get this first hand virtual glimpse. And to think it is just a small piece of your huge property in reality.

    Okay... I'll try to stop now... thank YOU and have a wonderful Sunday... here's hoping for rain showers on your beautiful piece of God's earth.
    **hugs** and say hello to the family,

  2. Meems I am ROTFLMAO you brought tears to my eyes. Let me first answer your questions. The first pink flower is the pink angelonia. These have a candy like smell and are very easy to propagate by cuttings. There is a purple one as well but not a tough as the pink one. The shade house size is 20x40ft. Everything is in pots and growing bags, more bags since they cost pennies.Yes that was the lotus or lily pad begonia. I am also trying to propagate it. The red spikey flower is a clerondendron paniculatum. The purple flowers at the end of the video is the duranta repens. I will do another video later on other older shade house. Thank you for making my day with your enthusiastic response to my post.

    Hugs and more hugs

  3. Helen what a wonderful tour, I like that you called it your 'shade house' because that's all that's required isnt it? I must say it is an enchanted looking place and if you were in T&T I would be up there in a flash!

    Now I have pen and paper ready for when you get the audio goin, I would love to take the names of these beuties and go a-hunting!

  4. Raquel I am still trying to find out why the audio didn't upload. Well you could get to Bim (Barbados) in a flash too by plane LOL

  5. WOW and double WOW!! I'll definitely be paying you a visit this week my dear friend.
    That shade house seems to have grown bigger than I remember.
    How de france you get so many plants in dey??? It's like a fliiping jungle. I'm coming to help you declutter!!! From your house to mine!! LOL.
    I enjoyed the show.
    As always, much love and appreciation for teaching me to love plants even more.

  6. Virginia you know that you are always welcome to drop by in fact a visit is due. Thanks for the plant today.

  7. Wow, so impressive. You do have a full fledged nursery operation there. Beautiful flowers.

  8. Watching your video made me yearn to walk through your shade house. Nice.

  9. Thanks for leaving a comment, unfortunately I clicked on Reject instead of Accept and lost it forever. (I'm still kicking myself)
    While most people are aware that the lethal yellowing affects Coconut palms, the Christmas palm, Canary Date & Fiji Fan palms are also highly susceptible. BTW...I was already quite jealous of your wonderful garden, you have now given me even more reason to be jealous, great shade house

  10. Thank you Jean that is what happens when you don't want to throw away cuttings LOL.

    Cottagesweet it is lovely in there on a hot day.

    Vix am sorry to hear about your posting mishap..will try to get back and repost. We have the yellowing disease with coconuts and I hope that it does not spread to my palms. BTW I love your header too.


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