Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My visit with Meems

While in central Florida we ( my mum, daughter and I) took the opportunity to meet up with Meems from hoe and shovel. I was elated to meet a fellow garden blogger. My mum an avid gardener like me( the apples didn't fall far from the tree) fell in love with her garden. Her most favorite was the veggie garden. The veggie garden is the envy of many gardeners. The garden still managed to look beautiful even though there was a drought on. Her garden with its soft flowing curves had a gentle and peaceful air about it. Her beautiful oak trees were under planted with an array of colourful plants, grasses and shrubs, some of which I grow in my garden.
We were treated to a deliciously prepared lunch by Meems, with many of the veggies and salad greens from her garden. Meems made the best zucchini muffins I have ever tasted....wish I had taken a few back with me. Meems you heard me ....so when you come to visit I will put in an order for sure. I also met Marie a very sweet friend of Meems, who though not a gardener like us, has caught the infectious bug.
Meems thank you for a lovely lunch and visit I will always remember with fondness. And guess what folks ...the rains came after the visit. So peoples if any of you want some rain you know who to call LOL.


  1. You visited with Meems! How awesome the two of you were able to get together. I love visiting with bloggers. Great picture of the two of you too.

    Thanks for the help with the plant identification. The two look very similar but my picture does not show the bloom well enough for you to see it is much smaller florets than the angelonia. Loved your comment! Always take a chance, this is blogging:)

  2. thank you Tina! Anytime you are down my way please stop in!

  3. I will do that. I've been to Nassau before and I'd like to go back someday. The weather is so wonderful. Thanks for the invite and ditto to you!

  4. How fun! I think it's great when garden bloggers get to meet.

  5. It sounds like a delightful visit! I can just imagine how much fun it must have been to meet a fellow garden blogger. Great photo of the two you.

  6. How wonderful meeting another garden blogger! Lovely photo of the two of you together. And glad you posted the caladiums too! Her caladiums are legendary...and what a gorgeous garden!

  7. A blogger meet! How wonderful for you both! Meems sounds like a wonderful person and her garden sounds enchanting!!

    I can only imagine how tasty the fresh from the garden meas was!

    Thanks for taking us along!

  8. Helen,
    There you are looking so fine in that pretty spring dress!

    You all were so much fun and it was my joy to meet each of you. Miss Rose was a treat and of course Lauren such a delight. We sure had a few hours of non-stop talking didn't we? My friend (Marie) had a great time, too. I hope I get down your way at some point... I'll definitely bring you some muffins.

    Oh, I might need for you to come back for a quick visit if it doesn't rain soon again. Ha! It's been over a week and my garden really needs the moisture with the heat we've been having.
    hugs to you!

  9. Catherine and Karrita thank you it was great fun and we were all like a house on fire LOL.

    Kanak yes Meems caladiums are legendary like you said, and her garden is just really beautiful in real life LOL. It was great fun to meet up with her.

    Raquel there is nothing like breaking bread amongst new friends. Perhaps one day we can do the same seeing that we are island neighbours.

    Meems thanks again, yes we were all chatting like magpies LOL. Trying to get as much in the shortest space of time. I would love to come back with some rain but am also working on the getting it to rain down here too. Perhaps I can work the two at the same time LOL. Muffins muffin muffins love your muffins.

    hugs to you too

  10. Hi Helen,
    Not sure if you received my comment. I visit your blog often and your garden is beautiful. I enjoyed meeting you,your mom, and Lauren at Meems' . I learned so much from the two of you. Someday I hope to visit you in Barbados and see your garden.
    It was a delightful afternoon.


  11. Marie is that you? Soo nice to hear from you, it was a pleasure meeting you as well. How was Italy? Thank you for visiting my blog and I do hope that you can visit in person one day soon. Lunch or dinner in the garden when you and Meems come Ok? LOL

  12. Hi Helen,
    I had a great time in Italy. It was just too short. The flowers were beautiful, especially the geraniums-my new favorite flower. Your pictures at Disney are too precious.


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