Sunday, June 7, 2009

My visit to Disney part 2

We checked into the hotel ....a real deal I found on the net. We were going to stay 2 nights in a triple room. The room smelt a bit musty when we first got in and Lauren wanted to know what kinda cheap hotel I booked them into. I said that is because the ac was off so she quickly turned it on. We were tired and hungry. So we hopped into the car to find some food not knowing there was a not so bad restaurant in the lobby.

We passed a couple of places but they looked empty so we choose one that had several customers. I remember reading somewhere that restaurants that are empty are usually providers of bad food. Huh...... that was certainly not the case...we had to choose one that had the worst food.

We forced the food down and left to go to find a toothbrush for me. I then remembered that I didn't bring any pajamas. We found a
Walmart and headed for the ladies department. My mother who loves to shop went her way and I went looking for some PJ's. Found two I liked...Lauren was showing me some that I couldn't wear in the garden at home without being arrested for indecent exposure. I declined and choose some really colourful cotton ones that no one will really know that I slept in them.....just in case some one visited while I was garden or a quick trip to the supermarket. Lauren is horrified that I go into my garden in the early mornings in my PJ's. I once went to the supermarket in a pair that didn't look like PJ's and Lauren didn't let me live that down. I told her that no knew except except for us and that I have seen badly dressed women at the supermarket all the time especially tourist with very skimpy wear so I'll fit in.

We got back to the hotel around midnight and got ready for bed. The musty room smell had gone so we settled down for the night. Lauren and I shared a bed while my mum Miss Rose (we all call her that) had one to herself. I unpacked our pillows that came all the way from Illinois with wonder I had no room for PJ's. I told everyone that we are going to make an early start in the morning.

Amaranthus molten fire...this is a got to get plant for me!

Next day we had breakfast at
IHOP and made our way to Epcot. We arrived there without mishap and collected our tickets. Now my real reason for going to Epcot was the garden festival that was taking place and also a treat for Lauren and my mum who had never been.

Well The flowering plants and trees at Epcot were breathtaking! I have never been surrounded by so many colourful plants and trees. We visited many of the exhibits which included a boat ride to the back garden of Disney. There they were growing fruits and veggies in
soil less medium. Some were growing in sand, I saw a 10 pound lemon, a tomato tree on a trellis, lettuce grown hydroponically and vertical gardening. My camera batteries died on me so I only got one picture of the vanilla orchid. We were told that many of the veggies were used in the restaurants at Disney. We had lunch and then proceeded to visit more exhibits.

Later it started raining, drizzling then a downpour. It stopped for a while and we hurried to visit more science exhibits. Lauren and I rode a
segway...those two wheeled things that you stand on and they just move.... actually we each had an instructor. It was all about your balance and it was very easy once you got the hang of it.

It was still raining so we decided to wait it out. We planned on visiting the International countries exhibits...I wanted to see their gardens. It rained and rained and rained. We sat for nearly three hours waiting for the rain to end . Finally at 7.00 pm we decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel. Now Orlando had no rain for three months........only until I arrived. What a drag......anyway we had another day.


  1. Hey Helen,
    You all really made the most of your time in Central Florida. And all of you look so cute posing with those Disney characters... having so much family fun. I can hear all of your voices now ... talking at once... with that wonderful accent. :-)

    I'm so glad you posted photos of the Amaranthus molten fire since I didn't know what it was when you asked me about it. I am going to see about that one... what a magnificent plant and I can't recall ever seeing it anywhere. Hmmmm... that just doesn't seem right does it?

    At Disney there are so many beautiful flowers in mass it is breathtaking.

    Hope you are doing well down there in your paradise. hugs to you... and to Lauren... and to Rose.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  2. Hi Helen
    I love reading of your Disney adventures! Sorry about your bad meal, but I'm sure breakfast at IHOP made up for it, I can just imagine your reaction to those magnificent flowers!! You were probably making plans on how they will look in your gardens!

    You girls are the cutest things with Goofy! I love your sense of adventure riding the segway, I must do that when I take my kids there, hopefully soon.

    I seems you were in Orlando around the same time as two of my blogging friends, they complained about the rain as well, one of them visted from her home in Canada with really small kids, she was really bummed out.

    Great photos, cant wait to see the rest of your adventure!

  3. Hello Meems,
    Yes we made the most of our trip, I managed to get some aramanthus seeds from Burpee and I've found another site for them. Those plants have my head giddy.

    hugs to you

  4. Raquel how you know so good that am already trying to see how to get my hands on those plants. I am trying so I will keep you posted.

  5. Your "Bajan Girls Invade Florida" story is hilarious. Maybe you could have a second career in writing sit-coms! As to your mum's age, hmmm... let's see, she has a grandaughter with a masters's ... so that makes her... gorgeous! It's obvious she takes very good care of herself! I've followed your blog for a couple of years. It's amazing what you've done with your property. Your gardens (and photos thereof) are beautiful. We hope to visit your island soon, as we start cruising the Caribbean... Fran

  6. Thank you Fran and Steve! My gate will always have a welcome sign for you whenever you are down my way!


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