Friday, January 22, 2010

Another bloomin' Friday

pink Starburst clerodendron with the blue duranta repens
the Jamaica rain tree is raining with these tiny yellow blooms

yellow cassia

pink angelonia

my favorite rose a floribunda of some sort.

Welcome to my first blooming Friday for the year. It is still very dry however many plants that love the dry are now coming into bloom. Many of the others that have bloomed in wetter conditions are on their way out. I am on an emotional weather see saw. Every time I see a dark cloud my hopes accelerate upwards and then quickly plummet if it were just a teaser. For more blooming Friday, why not take a skip jump or a hop over to Katerina at roses and stuff?


  1. I fell in love with your first picture! Gorgeous.

  2. The Starburst and Jamaican rain tree are beautiful! I hope the flowers will stay longer to grace your garden. And rain soon please :-D

  3. Beautiful flowers. I love the starburst clerodendron.Have a happy weekend!

  4. Beautiful blooms. I understand your emotional see-saw, and hope that rain gods will shower their blessings soon.

  5. Tatyana, Stephanie, Lotusleaf, Green thumb......Thank you all and I do hope the rain goods find favour with me.


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