Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An Open Garden part 3

red chinaman's hat

am not too sure of the name of this shrub, could it be some sort of justica?

Jathropha a plant I strongly dislike because of its propensity for bugs


This Frangipani from Tanzania blooms are quite larger than the normal ones found on the islands

The stunning colour display of flowering shrubs and plants left me breathless. This garden was at its peak even though the dry season was in full swing.


  1. That Red Chinaman's Hat is gorgeous! I like the colour :-D Very beautiful Bougainvilleas in the garden. I can imagine your tour to be such a wonderful one. Thanks again for posting the pics.

  2. Beautiful! Love the Red Chinaman's Hat. :)

  3. This is the first time I see a red chinaman's hat. The red colour is striking.

  4. Stunning indeed! What a visual delight! I loved all the photos you've posted. The colour combination is breathtaking and the orchids (in another post) are out of this world!

  5. Thank you friends for your comments....

    Stephanie....I am in love with the red chinaman's hat and I have been promised a few plants by the owner.

    Meridith...... thank you for stopping by and welcome ! That chinaman's hat is fabulous!

    Autumn Belle...... I agree with you that it is striking!

    Kanak....This garden has been candy to my eyes and I am happy that you have enjoyed it as much as did.


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