Monday, August 16, 2010

Bloomsday August 2010

My orchids are slowly making a comeback after being divided and repotted many months ago.

These mesmerizing blue water lilies are quite rare in Europe.

Many are surprised to hear that blue ones exist.
Welcome to garden bloggers bloomday where gardeners from all over the globe post what is blooming in their gardens. My garden is sodden from the frequent heavy showers we have been experiencing. For more bloomsday blooms please stroll over to May dreams gardens  to see what is blooming.


  1. The sweetness of colour, worth the wait, and the flowers last long to cheer up everybody's mood.... ~bangchik

  2. Very beautiful. Those blue waterlilies are magnificent.

  3. Beautiful flowers. The orchids and waterlillies.

  4. Good job Helen, now i am inviting you to see my orchid post. It might drive you to purchase more orchids to grow in your yard.

  5. The blue water lilies are simply beautiful! I have never seen this colour before. No wonder tho old Sanskrit poets wrote long poems about them.

  6. These blue and purle blooms are simply gorgeous :-D

  7. The shades of purple are just stunning. Great shots.

  8. Your orchids are doing great! As for the water's a shade that says...Look at me ! We're more used to the pinks and the whites. It's beautiful!

  9. Bangchik.....I just love the way you phrase your comments, very poetic.

    Missy.....welcome to my blog and I do hope that you will visit again.

    Costas.....Good to see you here again.

    Andrea.....Yes I have been to visit your blog and those orchids are mind blowing.

    Lotusleaf..... I would love to see a few of those poems translated.

    Stephanie....I think the blue water lilies are the most fascinating.

    Kristi.....thank you and welcome to my blog.

    Kanak .....Those blues are show stoppers and my orchids are coming along nicely.

    Thank you all for visiting and commenting.


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