Tuesday, August 31, 2010

East coast hike

It is definitely rainy season in these hills 
For some time I have  been thinking of  starting an exercise  program to get fit.   So I decided to join Hike Barbados on Sunday afternoon. The hike was on the east coast, a mere fifteen minutes drive  away  from my home. It started at 3.30 pm and to my surprise there were over 30 persons who had turned up for the  hike.
It was hard going up this slope
The terrain was tough for hikers like me who hadn't hiked for some years. I had done this hike before and knew that it would be challenging. One had to have the agility of a mountain goat to traverse these trails.
These flowering rubber vine cryptostegia grandiflora shrubs dotted the landscape.
Wild flowers along the way
View to the south east
View to the north east
Inland view of Chalky Mount, which consists of several small villages perched on the ridge. They are  known for their potteries. 

Most of the terrain consists of  clay, shale and sand stone. The land slips easily during heavy rainfall.  You can see the effects of wind and water erosion. Much of the soil and  vegetation have been stripped by the elements exposing the porous rocks. The hike finished around 6.30 pm  and by that time my feet were on auto pilot. That was a good hike!


  1. What a wonderful hike! I would have come with you if I were there.The views are fantastic.

  2. Lotusleaf I know that you would have enjoyed it, that was the perfect hike for you.

  3. I was wanting to visit Barbados at some point, now you have sealed the deal! Who needs to spend money to join a gym to get fit when you can go on a hike in the hills on Barbados!! What a paradise!

  4. I hope I can make it to Barbados some day! The east coast is spectacular!! Thanks for sharing these fabulous views. So when's the next hike?;)) Hope your legs feel ok now.

  5. Matron.........Thank you, I am game whenever you are! LOL

    Kanak.....and I do hope I can make it India one day too . I will be your personal tour guide whenever you come Kanak. LoL, the next hike will be on the 12th of Sept. It will not be too far away. This Sunday it will too far away, meanwhile I have been walking in my district three time a week.

  6. What a beautiful way to get fit! You should do this as a routine and here's why. I have a nice walking route in a local park because I too need to get fit.
    And here's the funny part...even though I've walked it many times I always see something new along the trail. Your island is gorgeous!
    I wish I had a mountain to climb here in Houston. It's flat as a pancake.
    Great post. David/ Tropical Texana/Houston

  7. Hiking is a good sport. The views are splendid, especially those of the sea. I want to visit Barbados too!

  8. Dear Helen,
    What a wonderful idea and fabulous way to get fit. Those views are enough to make you want to get out and walk. Good for you, dear girl, I'm proud of your ambition. You are a beautiful woman... you don't have far to go to get fit!
    Hope you're enjoying your Sunday.

  9. Hi Helen, it's been a long while before i was able to open your site again. I realized our office server doesn't allow your blog to open, maybe because of that video at the end of the page. In my laptop i can open it now. I love your landscape terrain, i would have joined you if that is nearer. The view from the top is surely wonderful overlooking the ocean.


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