Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weedy Wednesday

I was up at 3.00 am and I couldn't get back to sleep. So I started to do some house cleaning. I swept downstairs  and  went  on the computer.  I was back in bed by 4.30am and slept until 6.30 am. I got up and mopped the floors. I made a cup of coffee and around 7.45am I decided to do some weeding. I have been saying that for several days and I couldn't find anymore excuses why I couldn't get it done.

I looked at one of the areas to be weeded  and started with gusto. I pulled on my gloves worked continuously  until 11.45 am. I couldn't ask for better working conditions.  The soil was damp, it was breezy and I was working in the shade of an enormous ficus  tree.

Soon things were looking better,  spaces were appearing where weeds once thrived. 

By and by the weeds were piling up in my cart. More weeds were thrown on the cart and soon it was overflowing. Another weed pile started on the ground behind the cart. I didn't finish it all, there was  a small piece  left that I plan to do the following day.
I was thirsty, so I collected some ripe limes from under the tree and made some limeade.

I took a lunch break and guzzled down three glasses of limeade, it was delicious. Limeade is very easy to make. I squeezed enough limes to get a half cup of juice. I added  eight cups of water and  one and a half cups of sugar. A final garnish of some Angostura bitters and it was finished.  

I tried getting back to the weeding  after lunch but it wasn't the same, so I decided to cut the grass.  I jumped on my mower and got to work. I worked   into the evening and finished around 7.00 pm.  I wondered if it was that cup of cafe I had earlier.......hmmn. 


  1. weeds...uuugh - i leave them for a few days and they become shrubs - as you know that happens in a tropical setting...i'm so exhausted - maybe i can have a cup of your limeade for a refresher?????

    some areas - i just had to let go since my weeding bandwidth has been over exceeded at this point :(

  2. aloha,

    weeds...yuck - i'd rather be drinking some of your delicious looking limeade, please????

  3. Noel......Yes i would love to share a glass of limeade with you, cheers.

  4. I live in Florida and it has been too hot to even pull weeds They have definately won this summer last year I was out there at least twice a week I cant do it this summer. Maybe if I had some of that limeade I might be cohersed LOL

  5. Sometimes, I get up as early as you do, then go back to sleep too. Ah weeds! I take them as my challenge, lol. Yesterday morning, I cut half of my bamboo tree that is already drooping to my neighbour's side. It was really a lot of work using only garden shears. Eventhough it is early morning and very dark cloudy sky today, I think your lemonade is delicious. It makes my mouth waters. I hope you have a good rest and have a great weekend, Helen!

  6. Hello Helen,

    I don't really like weeding, but I love how good it feels when I am finished.

    I haven't made limeade before, but I am looking forward to the lemons on my mother's tree ripening soon :-)

    PS. Thank you very much for your kind comment about my 'Gracie' post.

  7. Dear Helen,
    What a successful day you had with those pesky weeds. They grow more vigorously than the plants at times.

    And that limeade is perfect for a hot summer refresher. So pretty, too.

    I have been a bad blogging friend (to everyone) and I've missed you. Time really gets away from me on this computer. :-)

    ***Hugs*** to you dear lady! Enjoy your beautiful garden.

  8. What a most satisfying day! If the sun ever comes back to us here in London I am definitely going to make a big jug of limeade - looks like a real thirst quencher!

  9. Thanks for what looks like a great lime juice recipe. Going to try it now! Weeds are awful, I am struggling with nutgrass in my new lawn and it is driving me crazy!!
    Thanks for posting.


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