Thursday, August 5, 2010

Friday's flowers

These night blooming water lilies open around eight o'clock at night and close around eleven o'clock the next morning.
The pink pride of Barbados, I think this is the prettiest of them all.
Pink vervain or porterweed, this is one of the larval food plants of  the buckeye butterfly. This shrub grows 6-8ft tall.
 Malay apple or pommerac, the crop was so sparse this year that I didn't get one to eat.

 Hello folks, it has been some time since I have posted, my sincere apologies to all.  The rains are on schedule and even though it has been raining frequently,  temperatures and humidity  continue to be  high. Still, there is an occasional breeze wafting through every now and then making life a bit more comfortable. Weeds, weeds are everywhere, so this weekend I will be very busy. Friends and  volunteers are welcome, I will feed you, and this is a promise!
 Sunset in Speightstown

 Speightstown's jetty

  Last Sunday,  hubby and I had dinner at a little restaurant in Speightstown called Wave Rider. It was very inexpensive  and the food was fair. However the ambience was cozy with an open vista to the ocean. I will give this place a 6 on the scale of 10. Wishing all gardeners around the globe a happy and peaceful weekend.


  1. Hi Helen! I love your water lilies. What an intense colour! The pink Pride of Barbadoes is rare here.The view from the restaurant is spectacular, however the food is! Have a happy weekend!

  2. I don't think I have seen a pink pride of Barbados here either. The colour is lovely!! Have a great week to you...
    Oh I like your porterweed too!

  3. Hi Helen, at last i was able to enter your site now, i've been trying a long time ago. I am very sorry i missed the gala dinner you hosted long ago! Those flowers are also common with us here, except the colors are somehow different. The pulcherrima we have (2nd photo) is more of orange than pink and there is also yellow. We also have your porterweed but really growing as weeds and we cut them off, our color is blue. And that Malay apple you said, we call them Makopa or rose apple...And we also have that sunset, very very similar, hahaha!

  4. Well my dear, I have my own weeds to take care of...but thanks for the know I love your cooking!!

  5. Love your night blooming water lily. I also love the pink pride of Barbados. I have the yellow. Have never seen the pink and it would be my favorite Barbados too.

    What a nice view while you had dinner. Very peaceful and beautiful.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  6. Mmmm, sorry you don't have many malay apples this year, they are so delicious! we don't have any on our farm, but typically the harvest is abundant in surrounding markets. Also getting lots of rain here and loving it!

  7. Hi Helen,gorgeous pinks! I haven't seen the pink Pride of Barbados nor the pink vervain. The orange P. of Barbados is commonly seen in our parts.

    The sunset views are breathtaking! Oh to live near the ocean and enjoy such fabulous views.....!!

    Wish you a very happy weekend!

  8. The pink Pride of Barbados is really special, one that I have never seen before. As for the Malay apple, we call it 'jambu' or 'water apple' here. We use it to make a mixed fruit salad called 'rojak'.

  9. Whoa! I've NEVER seen a pink Pride of Barbados! Beautiful, but of course, now, I'll have to start searching for one. I think they would look awesome mixed in a bed with the usual orangey-red color.

  10. Helen I love those pink beauties! So utterly gorgeous! And you of course know how much I envy you your collection of waterlillies, don't you? ;)
    The Malay apple in my garden doesn't get so intensely pink. I wonder if its another strain altogether.
    Got my own mammoth weeding session. I'll keep you company across the continents telepathically, okay?

  11. Lotusleaf....yes the pink I think is fairly new here too, I have some young seedling coming along. Isn't that view awesome? I may have to show the chef a thing or two if he wants me back.

    Stephanie.....I may have to do a mailing to all of you who want some of the seeds.

    Andrea....welcome back to my blog. I am sooo happy to see you here, I missed you.

    Virginia..... you missed a great meal!

    Flower Lady.....thank you if only I can get some seeds to you.

    Liz.....hola you have soo many other fruit on your farm that I would love to have. This rainy season seems to be great after that drought.

    Kanak.....You have some spectacular views in your part of the world. I guess I am used to the ocean views since I pass by every day.

    Autumn Belle.....the malay apple makes a great salad and preserve. I have to see if I can send you some seeds of the pink Pride of Barbados.

    Fougeres.....Welcome I love your dramatic entrance to my blog. I love your blog and have added it to my list.

    Sunita...I know you love my water lilies and I can't wait for the day to come for you to get a real water garden. The malay apple has several strains, pink, red and green. Thanks for the company and I will be thinking of you LOL

  12. Love all those pinks, especially the pride of Barbados one, which I've never seen state-side. I'd help you with your weeds if I could get there!

  13. Just chanced across your blog and loved this post.
    We have a lighter variety of Malay Apples, known as Chambakka/ Rose Apples... and the Pride of Barbados reminded me of the poinciana trees we have in huse of red, yellow and orange..


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