Saturday, August 28, 2010

A roadside view

Last year I had my helper  dig up some very old and  bad looking hibiscus shrubs that bordered the perimeter of the property at the front along the roadside. I replaced them with Christmas palms and plumeria pudica.

Today we completed the job and I counted a total of thirty nine Christmas palms  and about  thirty seven plumerias. It will take about  four years (geez sounds too long)  to be fully appreciated providing we get adequate rainfall.
The grass was cut today and more rain is expected so I gave it a lower cut than usual. The dwarf  yellow alamandas were trimmed back earlier this year and boy they are flowering up a storm.

The yellow galphimia glauca aka thryallis (showers of gold) now occupies this space that once housed an old tree stump. I have planted an avocado tree in the middle replacing the stump.


  1. The views of your garden are amazing. Plumerias don't need much water and can survive severe drought.And 4 years pass so quickly. Have a happy Sunday!

  2. The plumeria and christmas palms sound like a smashing combo! That will be one bold statement when they fill in.

  3. Wow! Wonderful views of your garden. To have space also means a lot of work but you seem to be doing a great job! The plantings will look good very soon...Cheers to that!!

  4. Quite a big spacious garden you have there! I like to see plumerias bloom in this hot sun..

  5. What a lovely border you have made. Patience is something all gardeners need, as things take time to grow and fill in.

    I love your property and the lovely garden areas you have created.


  6. The grass is so neat! The whole place now looks tidy and bright.

    Love your choice of plumeria pudica and Christmas palm. They are not just attractive but lasting plants :-D

  7. Looks great, Helen! And that galphimia is going to be such a stunner!
    I feel a bit envious when I see all that trim grass. My lawn is such a mess with the excessive rains we've been getting this year, Much as I love it, I have to admit that all that rain really makes a mess. The ground is soggy and squelchy and so much of the grass has been drowned out that I know I have a lot of work waiting for me to get my garden back in shape again.

  8. Lotus leaf...I had a good Sunday and thank you, the plumerias will be ok but i am more concerned for the palm. For me four years time I will be.....How Old??? Whaaaaa

    RainForest Gardener.......I think so too and than you for stopping by. is a lot easier now, I finished mowing the grass in less than a day, and I couldn't do it without my weekend help. Cheers back to you too! is soo nice to see you here and welcome. Yes Plumerias just love the heat.

    Flowerlady....thank you for your kind words. I can't wait to see the results, all those white flowers among the green foliage.

    Stephanie.....Thank you but if you see some other parts of my garden you would think differently LOL.

    Sunita......We have had a bit of a break with the rain, so it is easy to cut the grass. I get miserable when it is too wet too.

  9. This is good planning and good choice. The place is beautiful. Now it is up to the weather to help make it complete.

  10. I am reading all the past posts which i missed. You have a wide space there, it could be a bit difficult to handle, but will definitely be a beauty when they all settled and bloom. Thanks for giving the complete name of that Plumeria pudica, i've long been in quandary what kind of plumeria this one is, as i've seen in one garden i visited. It is an introduced species here lately.


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