Friday, April 8, 2011

Blooming Friday ....Eye Candy

Welcome to Blooming Friday and the theme today is eye candy. I have in this pot some of thornless crown of thorns and some petunias. They make great eye candy for all who pass by.

 The pot of bougainvillae sets the tone here.

The petunias in my patio are now coming into bloom and they give the area a delightful  feast for the eyes. To see more eye candy from around the world, please go over to Roses and stuff to have your fill.  Have a sweet filled weekend.


  1. You have a lot blooming. I can't wait until it is the time when we do here as well.

  2. Pretty porch blooms.

  3. Beautiful blooms! Your potted bougainvillea is stunning! Glad to know that your computer is back on its feet!!

  4. Your potted plants on that wall are a wonderful combination. Beautiful flowers!
    David/ Tropical Texana

  5. what wonderful colors! I love red/ violet in the garden; now if we could find brilliant turquoise blue flowers! I'll settle for a painted trellis for now...I've been cleaning up my lilac garden; here in Oregon,they really spread by "hopping", so they need taming every spring-we love the fruit, so we don't get rid of all of them......more later--Shannon


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