Monday, April 4, 2011

One man's trash

One woman's junk is another woman's treasure. I discovered these pieces of junk that have become  treasures for me and my plants. These stands were destined for the junk yard. I first got a call from someone who was on the look out for me for metal racks that can be used for plants

One day a friend who works for a wine importer,  came to visit and she recognized two racks that she had sent to the junk yard.  I told her that I bought them off someone who had salvaged them. She told me that she has some more to dump and she will let me have them if I can use them. Well I went to have a look and came home with three  racks. Thank you Rym! Merci beaucoup!


  1. Hi Helen! Glad to see your post after a long time. You sure got a good thing, although it was junk to someone else!The stands look very attractive now that you have arranged your plants. Do keep posting. Have good day!

  2. Wow Helen, those are lovely finds. The saying is really very true. They said also that Mimosa pudica commands a good price in temperate countries as ornamentals, i also saw it in one blogpost, and that plant we consider weeds, obnoxious at that because they are very invasive and difficult to control the roots. Another case of someone's trash...


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