Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh what a night!

Many of my plants are under water
My dog Bear exploring the water's edge.
I have never seen anything like this, look at the water on the floor.
water has flooded my shade house

Many shorter palms are now under water, I am worried for my island if this continues.

Last night it rained heavily the WHOLE night into the morning and it is still raining.  I spent the night mopping and shovelling up water off my laundry room and downstairs  bathroom floors. One of the gutters in the laundry room  was blocked and had overflowed. At one stage was so overwhelmed that I almost gave up. Luckily whatever was blocking the gutter shifted and the inside deluge stopped. I then had to scoop up water  off the floor and mop. There was nearly an inch of water in some areas. I have NEVER had this happen in the fifteen years living here.

This morning was another new experience as well. My garden which usually floods in heavy rains,  had flooded up to my shade house. I had never seen this happen before. And this is supposed to be our dry season. My husband ventured out to take my daughter to her ride to go to work. On the way he told me there were cars washed into drains at the side of the road.  He tried going to a gas station in Speightstown and that was also flooded. He had to make several detours to get back home. I am now going to try to get some badly needed sleep.


  1. Wow! That was a really heavy rain you had there, I hope your plants will be alright even if they were submerged now. There will a lot of cleaning up later. We just had a heavy rain here too and I always prayed hard whenever it rained non-stop cos there's a river behind my house which will overflow its bank into my house! The last flooding we had was in 2007 and the water were up to our knees!

  2. Heavens, that looks awful. I hope you got your sleep, and that the rains leave you alone for a while. This is the dry season? One shudders.

  3. Our weather bureau said we will also get a wet dry season, however it is just a bit cloudy without any rains at all, and greens are turning brown already at the start of the season. I am almost happy at the forecast so our plants will not suffer much because of this La Niña, however it looks like all the rains went your way. At least it is not with typhoon or strong winds. Your shade house looks nice, and your plants are healthy.

  4. It's bad weather here as well. It's raining now in the morning! Some plants are capable of recuperating after a long wet season. But some not. I wish the best for you. Don't over work ok.

  5. We had also a lot of rain in my island Guadeloupe since monday so I 'm surprise for your garden
    I wish best for your garden and your plants
    Have a best day
    My blog

  6. We are having the worst drought here in 40 years! Maybe we could trade for a little water? I'd love a 'small' flood, but nothing as terrible as what you went through.
    I hope all is better now.
    David/ Tropical Texana


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