Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Showers

Bombax cuttings I made last year are now blooming in their pots

Bombax is also known as the shaving brush tree, it really does resemble a shaving brush

the Barbados Amaryllis

pink cassia in full bloom stands out amongst the tree tops

We finally had some rain showers the past few days, it is not enough however I am happy. The garden has a spring like air since the recent showers. The grass is making an effort to regenerate and hopefully soon it will be all emerald green around.

With the lack of rain the past three months, it has created an awareness in me that the world's water supply is threatened on a daily basis. Many countries are experiencing shortages, some are being devastated by drought while others are trying to recover from serious floods. We are facing extreme climate changes that some say have been the fault of man while others say that is the natural cycle of things.

I believe that we have all contributed to some of the changes and the natural changes appear more pronounced than before. The raping of the land for development, timber and mining is continuing with such frightening rapidity is fueled by the hunger for wealth. I sometimes wonder how much money does a person really need to live a sustainable life.

Man is so blinded by his quest for wealth and power that it seldom dawns on him that without trees and water, life will not be sustainable. I ask myself from time to time, how can I attempt to live a a simpler life? I will now make a conscious effort to

  • think before I purchase and ask myself what damage am I contributing to the environment
  • grow more of my food thus reducing the packaging
  • recycle and give away rather than throw away (and hoard)
  • look around my immediate surroundings to see what I can do to improve and contribute to a better environment.
  • I will plant more trees, trees give shade , help cool the atmosphere as well as promote condensation that is necessary for rainfall.
  • spread the message about protecting the environment, think it, live it, and breathe it
I have just finished reading and viewing Newsweek 100 places to remember before they disappear. This was an eye opener and disturbing. No person nor country is immune to this phenomena. Perhaps we need to see for ourselves rather than hear from others.


  1. Love this beautiful pink :) Lovely pictures!
    I hope you get some more rain soon... and I agree we really need to start respecting all our resources.

  2. Beautiful flowers...
    Great garden..

  3. Thanks for visiting and complimenting my blog. I'm sure Barbados is a much lovelier place to live anyway...and gator-free is good! Your photos of the bombax are stunning. And I love the Barbados amaryllis. They remind me of our resurrection lilies (Amaryllis belladonna).


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