Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joy Joy Joy!

pink cassia

remember this landscape a few months ago?

garlic vine buds

Mango.....fruit of the Gods

a tree orchid I picked up somewhere a few years ago

There is a feeling of joy and contentment in the garden today. Joy of seeing the grass regenerating, flowers budding and blooming, fruit ripening and new leaves on once what were bare trees. My once scorched landscape has softened into shades of green.
The rain has been scarce and I am hoping that it will become plentiful in the next few months.
My sweet mangoes are ripening and every morning I look forward picking them up off the grass.


  1. What a happy post! I love the color on those mangoes... you just can't find any like that around here in N. Florida. The orchid is a stunner too!

  2. Its always a pleasure to see a garden come back to life. I agree, the color of your mangoes are beautiful, its a lot different from the yellows that I'm used to seeing.

  3. Joy indeed! Pink cassias always leave me feeling exuberant and deliriously happy. Love them!
    And that orchid is spectacular!

  4. Hi Helen, i had difficulty opening the comment portion, maybe because of the video post of the kitchen. It reverted to saying IE cannot open it, almost exhausted my patience, hehehe. But i have to make a comment of course, so here i am. BTW, did you see my reply to your call for me in Autumn Belle's blog. That was amusing and our conversation with AB was fun!

    I envy your area coz you already have the rain, here it is still very hot, there must be a typhoon for the rain to come! Those mangoes we have here also, but we dont love to eat them as much as the yellow 'Carabao' mango. That variety is beautiful only as ornamentals but not for eating. I love those cassia too, which we dont have here. We only have the yellows, lots of them. Bye for now, have you seen my latest? haha

  5. Lovely mood created by these colourful pictures.


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