Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day April 2010

this hot pink frangipani has been growing in a pot and is waiting to be transplanted

On Tuesday, I visited my mother Miss Rose from whom I have inherited her love of plants and gardening. She had several containers of amaryllis that were in bloom for several days. I managed to get a few photos of what were the last blooms. My mother loves her plants and loves to garden, even with a bad back she still manages to create pockets of beauty around her garden.

the rain lilies are now out after the recent showers

Welcome to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day where garden bloggers from all over the world post what is blooming in their gardens on the 15th of every month. It was the brainchild of Carol from May Dreams Gardens who has encouraged many gardeners to post photos of their blooms. To see more of what is happening please visit her blog.


  1. My first time visiting here and I see that it's my lucky day because you have beautiful does Miss Rose. The rain lilies really caught my eye.


  2. I've discovered your beautiful blog this morning via GBBD...YAY for me! I'll be following you as I love anything tropical. Your plumeria is awesome!

  3. Your mother is really good with flowers and have good taste! I like the shocking pink and her beautiful amaryllis. I am sure these blooms bring lots of cheers to anyone who visits her garden... not forgeting the nice fragrance from the frangipani... ;-D

  4. Helen, the shocking pink plumerias are really beautiful. Happy GBBD!

  5. The rain lilies are my favorite here :)

  6. The white and pink amaryllis(?) is striking. I like it better than the plain ones:)

  7. aloha helen,

    your plumeria is an amazing intense color, gorgeous....come and post this again for my monthly meme on the hot, loud and the proud, it would be a hit!

  8. Hi i am back after a month. I miss looking at your posts. Those frangipanis are really hot, we dont have that color here, i think. Our rain lilies are not yet opening, buy our orange amaryllis are now out and about.

  9. Beuatifull flowers. I think the rainlillies are similar to a plant I am growing indors. In my area it seems to cold for them to thriwe outside.

  10. hi
    have been following you for a few days since I love gardening and everytime I come to barbados I find it amazing what can be grown
    I was ready to plant out this morning and got up to a lovely morning of thick frost, so for next few days I will have to enjoy your photos

  11. Donna and Kimberly ....a very special welcome to you and thanks for stopping by. mother is a natural when it comes to plants and she has the most beautiful amaryllis.

    Autumn is a show stopper that hot pink plumeria.

    Indian Homemaker.....the rain lilies are a joy for me too. They can be seen growing wild in some places by the roadside.

    Melody.....welcome to my garden blog! Yes the white and pink is a double amaryllis.

    Aloha Noel....I have been on your blog but couldn't find that meme post.

    Andrea....Welcome back we missed you! That hot pink plumeria darkens to a wine colour. You must have it out there in the Philippines.

    Signe....another new face to my blog so WELCOME!

    Barbados.....we complain about the heat and you about the cold. Can't we exchange for a while? LOL

  12. Hello, from Greece.
    Beautiful flowers and beautiful colors.

  13. What a heart-stopping pink on that frangipani! Love it!
    I love the rain lillies (we call them thunder lillies here). I got a few bulbs of the yellow ones recently and I just cant wait for it to bloom!

  14. I love pink, wow gorgeous garden! I love anything tropical but I had to move to the mountains where I'm currently trying to start a garden here in CA. My new colder climate is very challenging! You can visit mine at

  15. Ellada .....Thank you and WELCOME to another new face from Greece.

    RFTGVB........I am very happy that you liked what you have seen here and WELCOME!

    Sunita....You pink lover..... Thunder lilies? LOL I can now you waiting for a thunder storm to happen to get these flowers to appear. The yellow is quite pretty and is smaller than the pink.

    Priscilla....Welcome to my garden. I have been over to you blog as a lurker but will revisit soon.

  16. Dear Helen, I saw your frangipani is blooming beautifully in this post. May I ask how do you get it to bloom? What is the secret? My 3 pots of frangipani plants have not bloom since I bought them. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  17. JC to answer your question about potted plumerias.....they should be in full sun water once a week. During the rainy season they put out very few blooms.


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