Friday, April 2, 2010

Au Revoir

pink cassia


Blooming Friday has come to an end so this is the final posting for it. Thanks to Katarina from roses and stuff who started it all. This however will not stop me from posting on Fridays at all so please check in from time to time.
Happy Easter to all!


  1. Is that cassia the same as 'cassia bark' like cinnamon that I cook with?

  2. That pink cassia is gorgeous-please save some seeds for me!
    I just love red, pink and yellow frangipani.

  3. The flowers are very pretty. I like the Cassia Javanica. Happy Weekend!

  4. Pink Cassia is uncommon. But the flowers are as lovely. No rain yet at your place? The poor tree's leaves are not there anymore.

    Nonetheless, have a good weekend!

  5. Your garden must smell sweet with those riotous frangipani! Love the Cassia blooms!

  6. Pink Cassia looks beautiful!!! Love those flowers!!!

    Frangipani is pretty too :)

  7. Matron......I am afraid it is not the same cassia that is used as cinnamon. can have as many seeds as you like, I have two varieties too.

    Lotusleaf....Have a great weekend too.

    Stephanie.....still no rain. I can send you some seeds if you like please let me know.

    Chamdramouli....welcome to my garden! Yes whenever I pass my frangipani trees I get a high from the fragrance.

    Indianhomemaker.....thank you for stopping by and it is a pleasure for me to visit your blog.

  8. So glad you'lll continue posting - I wouldn't want to miss your flower pictures. They always make me happy.

  9. Seed for Cassia? I really like the flower and the colour but my garden is too small to grow a big tree. Thank you very much for your offer Helen!


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