Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friday's blooms are full of grace

These stunning white water lilies are called Alice Tricker developed by William Tricker in 1939. They are extremely fragrant and are the stars of my pond. The blooms measure approximately seven inches (18cm) in diameter. These I find are very difficult to propagate.

It has been overcast for several days now with very little rain in my locale. I am still hoping for a serious downpour to quench the dry earth in my garden.

Have a great weekend and happy gardening!


  1. Beautiful photos! We just got some rain in Florida, but I wish we got more since we have 2 months of dry ahead of us.

  2. No rain here. I do have some snow...would you like it?

    Christine in Alaska

  3. White water lilies are enchanting. I have never smelt their fragrant before. With the fragrant together I can imagine them to be really enticing. Thanks for sharing :-D Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh My, How very beautiful these white lilies are. They look so pure and white. I can almost smell their fragrance from my video screen here. Recently, I saw people selling the white lilies at the Sunday market, so I bought them home. Unfortunately, they didn't live long.

  5. Rainforest gardener..... I agree that we can do with some more.

    Christine B.....welcome to my blog and I would love some of your snow since I have never seen it in real life.

    Stephanie.....the best time to smell the air around the pond is early in the morning. It is intoxicating!

    Autumn Belle......Were these cut water lilies? I heard that there was a company in Germany selling them as cut flowers. They do not last too long when cut, but I read somewhere that they put paraffin wax in the middle of the flower to keep them open.


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