Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kitchen update part 2

The arch or alcove as one blogger correctly describes it, was the original fireplace where the household cooking was done in times bygone. The stove will go here, flanked by two base cabinets.

the ceiling is finally completed

I decided to go online and order my kitchen cabinets after waiting three weeks for a local man to start. I was tired of waiting so I decided to try my luck online. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. I had to pay the customs nearly the cost of the cabinets. It still worked out cheaper than getting them done here. I chose honey oak that was the most reasonably priced and I like the simplicity of the design. If I had chosen to have these made here they would have cost me an arm and two legs. I had been searching for many months for cabinets online in the event I had to purchase some. When I finally made up my mind to go ahead, I found a great website that was having a president's day sale. They were giving away a free sink base cabinet if you purchased over two thousand dollars, they were also giving a ten percent discount, free cabinet hardware of your choice, and what closed the deal was that they were giving free shipping to Miami where my shipper was located. I was sold on this company. I called them to ask about the free sink base offer and was told that any size was free if I purchased over two thousand dollars. Within a week my cabinets were shipped to Miami. I got them a week and a half later and they have been sitting in my patio for the past three weeks awaiting installation.

I had put this one together for a dry run.

I had the area above the arch tiled to use as extra storage for pots and pans that I don't often use. It is hot up there!

It has been four months or more and I am still without a usable kitchen. The tiler seems to like taking days off. He worked two days and took three off. He called me up yesterday morning and told me that he got up late so he won't be coming in. Mind you, he lives just about twenty minutes away. Well, I will wait and see if he comes today. Living on this island teaches you patience. Hopefully by next week I will have the cabinets installed and then I will have to do battle with the counter top supplier. Why? Well, the first counter top he supplied and installed was damaged. He later called to ask me if I would consider choosing another colour. I asked why? He told me that another client had fallen in love with the same counter top. I told him that I had already paid him for that colour and am keeping it. He then sent his men to collect the damaged one to see if he can salvage it for the client. Lucky for me I decided to redesign the kitchen by putting the refrigerator elsewhere. When the tiler has finished the arch the mason will come in to band the arch edges with white mortar. P.S. The tiler has just arrived, yipeee!


  1. I don't know if i could survive without a usable kitchen even for a few days! Okay, maybe when camping, but then the fire is your kitchen.

  2. The ceiling is very attractive. I like the colour of the cabinets. I hope your kitchen will be ready soon!

  3. Hang in there, pretty soon you'll be enjoying your new kitchen, and all the waiting will be a thing of the past. I love the alcove where your stove is going, the ceiling is wonderful and I love the oak cabinets.


  4. A little wait will create that extra and deep feeling of "wanting badly"...... The anxiety and anticipation how it will end, will keep the adrenaline flowing... haha.... ~bangfrischik

  5. Always enjoy your posts (& pics). Thanks. Would really love to know the name of the cabinet place - I'm in Nevis and am in desperate need of a cabinet supplier for my reno.

  6. Hello there!
    I just happened to discover your blog by chance, but will definitely follow it! I envy you the variety of flowers of plants you can chose from both in ponds and in the garden! I have purchased a few water lilies for my home in Sweden and am waiting eagerly to see if they have survived the winter outdoors here :-)
    Have a nice day!

  7. Steve......thank you for visiting. I really don't know how I have managed so far to deal without a kitchen but I have managed. Mt laundry room tub is the new kitchen sink and my washing machine is the temporary counter.

    Lotusleaf ....I do hope that by the end of this month I will be cooking in my kitchen.

    Flowerlady..... I am hanging in there by the skin of my little chin chin LOL.

    Bangchik......the adrenalin has run out and I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown...LOL.

    Carla...... Welcome to my blog! Please email me and I will send you the link.

    Stein.....Welcome to my blog and thank you. I do hope that your water lilies survive.

  8. A kitchen is so important, I guess it will be great when its all done.
    greetings from New Zealand. Do come visit my blog!


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